Deep Dive:
Brook Ellingwood's Portfolio

I am a senior manager
of content & customer experience teams
& the products used to create, manage, & publish media.


I've worked with companies from public television to Disney, technology startups to Microsoft, the self-employed to REI.

  • Multi-channel Content Strategy & Production
  • Define successful strategies
  • Assemble & lead tactical content & dev teams
  • Identify new communications opportunities
  • Ecommerce IA/UX, Taxonomy/SEO, & UI Dev
  • Content Management System scoping & definitions


Video: Segments produced/executive produced for broadcast & online

These are mostly from my time at KCTS TV. I both produced and directed the ReScene segments. The others I mostly worked with the Digital Media team I built on refining their story ideas, clearing roadblocks, and — most importantly — making sure they had both online and broadcast platforms to get their work shown on.


Personal Essay: The Meaning of Loss in Chris Cornell’s City

A meditation on tragedy and change.


Business: Project Management, Product Management, Scrum, and a Life in the Theatre

Some thoughts on the best ways to get work done, and the importance of being flexible in how you do it.


Editorial: The Digital Ethics of Weinergate

This essay on the bigger implications of the Anthony Weiner scandal caught a moment when was just beginning to get attention and online harrassment was yet to become a big story. It may be old news, but these ethical issues are on our front pages today. The victim tweeted that I was the only person who got the story right.


Opportunity Analysis

Written Analysis: New York Times's Pulitzer-winning online story

This feature made a big splash when the NYT published it, and set the stage for content presentations that we see everyday now. I was asked by the head of the Integrated Media Association to write up my thoughts on it for other public media professionals and this article grew from that.


Presentation: The CMS Dilemma: Strategic Content Management

I presented this at the Integrated Media Association summit in Austin the day before SXSW opened, to a public media audience. The hand drawn slides emphasized the presentation's message that the technology you choose should not define the content you publish. Also, they emphasized why I didn't pursue a career in art.



Wireframe: Workflow tracking iOS app

Minute 93's great idea was to offer Product Content as a Service to the retail industry. This mobile application would allow us to manage our workflow with phones, greatly increasing efficiency over customers' in-house solutions and keeping them updated on order progress.


Site Refresh: From Content Strategy to vendor comps

The very first thing I undertook at KCTS was refreshing the look of the website and adding content to it. A real redesign came later, but for this initial refresh I got one of Seattle's leading creative agencies to donate time turning my Content Strategy document into an interim look.